Property Purchase in UK

Estate Planning in the United Kingdom

All UK situated assets (including property) are liable to 40% Inheritance Tax on the death of the owner on the net excess in value over £325,000. This tax is applicable to every person even including non-domiciled and non-resident individuals.

By simply owning UK assets through an offshore structure a non-domiciled and non-resident individual can legally avoid paying the 40% Inheritance Tax and be remembered for astute tax planning by those left behind! Allow us to save you Inheritance Tax of up to £270,000 on a £1 million property or put another way, save your survivors from having to find this sum of money just to inherit the property you leave behind. If they are unable to raise the finance the property may have to be sold at possibly a distressed price.

If you are planning to buy a property in UK; Alpha Management will establish an offshore company for you and deal with all the technical formalities including an instruction to lawyers familiar with offshore arrangements for the conveyance of the property.

If you already have a property in UK; we will arrange to transfer the property to a newly established offshore company. We will also look after all the legal and tax aspects of the transfer and deal with all issues arising from the formation of the offshore company.

If you already have a property and want to raise finance to buy another; Alpha Management has negotiated a special rate with a major offshore financial institution for a preferential interest rates on borrowing of up to 70% of the property value. We will establish an offshore company, transfer the property to the offshore company, arrange the loan and deal with all legal, incorporation and lending formalities. The borrowed funds will then be paid directly to your nominated bank account.

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