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Offshore and Free-Zone Company Formation

Alpha Management can provide clients with cost-effective and efficient structural solutions tailored to their needs. Our team will evaluate what the client is looking for, and design a proposal to achieve these goals.

Offshore Jurisdictions

UAE Offshore Company

Offshore Companies are quick to set up, relatively inexpensive and easy to manage.  These types of companies permit 100% foreign ownership, and can have bank accounts in a wide range of jurisdictions. There is 100% repatriation of capital and profit allowed. These types of companies are good for asset holding, international trading, consultancy, and investment purposes. 

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)
Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)


Inexpensive and easy to maintain

Allows all activities outside UAE

Do not provide UAE Residency

costs & Timeline

Starting from 9,500 AED

Annual fees starting from 6,500 AED

Can be formed in 10 days or less

Global Offshore Company

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an established jurisdiction and a popular option for offshore comapnies. However many jurisdictions throughout the world are based on the "BVI" model; Offshore companies permit 100% foreign ownership, can have bank accounts anywhere and are good for asset holding, international trading and consultancy activities. Alpha Management can set up companies in locations around the world and we have incorporated companies in coutries such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Monaco, Isle of Man and many more.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)
Cayman Islands


Inexpensive and easy to maintain

Established jurisdictions

Allow for multiple activity purposes

costs & Timeline

Starting from 1,400 USD

Annual fees starting from 1,200 USD

Can be formed in 3-4 working days


UAE Free-Zone Jurisdictions

UAE Free-Zone Company

UAE has over four dozen Free-Zones, offering  both specialised environments (e.g. Media City , Health Care City) and more generalised locations (e.g. DMCC Free-Zone, Ajman Free-Zone). These companies grant investors fully operational, well-established, and widely recognised opportunities for commerce, trading, industrial, service, and consulting activities. They also provide UAE Residency and access to DTAA's.

Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC)
Ajman Free-Zone Authority (AFZA)
Dubai South (formally Dubai World Central)
Dubai Media City Free-Zone Authority (DMC)
Any Free-Zone in UAE!


Investors get UAE Residency

All types of license activities available

Lease office space & hire employees

Consulting & Trading Licenses 

costs & Timeline

Starting from 15,000 AED

Annual fees starting from 12,000 AED

Visas cost approx. 7,500 AED

Usually take 2-3 weeks to incorporate

Furthermore, Free-Zone companies in UAE may establish Branch or Representative offices, provided they are also active within the Free-Zone area and utilize the services of a local service agent. Free-Zone companies benefit from full banking facilities including credit / ATM cards. Being considered as a UAE Resident company, they offer more credibility to the outside world and send a serious message about your presence in the region. It is important to note that these types of companies are more expensive to set up and maintain in comparison to offshore entities, starting at approx. 12,000 AED to set-up (depending on which jurisdiction and the type of license we apply for). The cost of renewal is dependent on license costs and office space leased.


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Interested in forming an Offshore or Free-Zone company?

It can be confusing to know where to start when it comes to Offshore and Free-Zone company formation. Each client has different goals and requirements depending on their situation. Alpha Management will assess what is best for you and be able to recommend what type of company and which jurisdiction suits your particular criteria. We will present all the options available whilst bearing in mind any budget limitations you may have. If you would like to discuss Offshore or Free-Zone company formation, please contact us here.

Step One

Get in touch with Alpha Management, and we can discuss what you are looking for. We will then recommend a jurisdiction and let you know what compliance documents we need to collect.

Step Two

Once we have everything we need, we can make the necessary documents and application forms. We will then submit the application to the concerned authority and handle everything.

Step Three

Once approved we will collect all the company documents and notify the client that everything is ready. The originals can be kept with you, or at our offices. That is all! You are all set to go with your new company set-up.