Offshore International

For you If:

  • You have worldwide assets
  • You want an established jurisdiction
  • You want an international bank account
  • You want an inexpensive structure

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (“BVI”), a British Dependent Territory is the world's largest corporate domicile with more than 800,000 companies incorporated since 1984. BVI is highly regarded as a domicile for holding companies, joint venture entities, hedge funds, captive insurance registrations and trusts for use in commercial transactions. BVI offers a stable political and economic environment with a legal system founded on English Common Law. Its appeal as a global financial centre arises from the creation of modern, flexible laws and a well-regulated but unrestricted business environment. Competitive filing fees and low maintenance charges have proved to be a winning formula for small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.

BVI companies are tax exempt, extremely versatile and ideal vehicles for private portfolio holding, trading, commercial activities, mutual funds and property holding investment companies. BVI enjoys a highly professional infrastructure with a competitive cost advantage over most off-shore jurisdictions. Other features of BVI companies are:

Step 1

Consultation with Alpha Management; We will help you decide the best jurisdiction and structure for your Offshore company.

Step 2

Provide us with the necessary compliance items needed to form the company

Step 3

We will prepare all the company documentation for you to sign, whether you are here in Dubai or abroad.

Step 4

Alpha Management will handle the whole submission process and form your company!

  • Minimum of one Shareholder and one Director
  • Shareholders and directors can be individuals or corporate entities
  • No requirement for a company secretary.
  • No requirement for appointing local shareholders and directors.
  • Registered and bearer shares can be issued
  • Purchase and ownership by the company of its own shares is permitted.
  • There is no requirement for the preparation and /or filing of financial audits
  • Exemption from all BVI taxes and stamp duties.
  • Board meetings may be held anywhere in the world or by telephone
  • Directors have powers to protect the assets of the company
  • No public record is maintained as to the Directors or Shareholders
  • A BVI company can open a bank account anywhere in the world.
  • It takes 2 working days to incorporate a BVI company.
  • The client does not need to visit our office for the incorporation process.
  • Shelf companies are permitted

BVI companies are prohibited from engaging in specified activities such as trust services, banking and insurance without the appropriate licenses.

To form a BVI Company costs 1,300 USD (4,810 AED) inclusive of all BVI charges. Each year thereafter will cost 1,100 USD (4,070 AED) to renew the company.

Other Offshore Jurisdictions

Many other jurisdictions throughout the world are based on the "BVI" model; Offshore companies permit 100% foreign ownership, can have bank accounts anywhere and are good for asset holding, international trading and consultancy activities. Alpha Management can set up companies in whichever jurisdiction you are interested in and we have incorporated companies in locations such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Monaco, Isle of Man and many more. Each locality has its benefits and prices can vary. Please ask for more details if you are interested in setting up a global offshore company.

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