Free Zone Setup

For You If:

  • You want UAE residency visas
  • You want to rent office space
  • You want to hire employees
  • You want to trade with other Free-Zone companies

Free-Zone Company Set-up in UAE

UAE has over four dozen Free-Zones, offering specialised environments such as Internet City Free-Zone, Media City , Health Care City, Knowledge Village, and more generalised environments such as DMCC Free-Zone, RAKEZ Free-Zone, SAIF Free-Zone, Dubai South Free-Zone, Jebel Ali Free-Zone and many more. Companies and businesses formed in these areas grant investors well-established, reputable and widely recognised investment opportunities for commerce, trading, industrial, service, and consulting activities.

Free-zone companies in Dubai permit 100% foreign ownership, and may engage in a wide range of activities but trading within the UAE is not permitted unless done through a locally licensed distributor or agent. Such companies are considered resident in UAE for Double Tax Treaty benefits, can apply for residency visas, lease premises within the economic zone and hire staff.


Step 1

Consultation with Alpha Management; we will help you decide the best jurisdiction and structure for your Free-zone company.


Step 2

Choose what type of license you would like to apply for, depending on the activity of the company.


Step 3

We will get approval from the Free-zone for you company name and license


Step 4

We will prepare all the company documentation for you to sign once we have the necessary compliance items.


Step 5

We will handle the whole submission process and form your company!


Step 6

Once the company is formed, we will guide you through the Visa process, including medical tests, driving license applications and office lease contracts.

Key Considerations regarding UAE Free-Zone Companies​

Furthermore, Free-Zone companies in UAE may establish Branch or Representative offices, provided they are also active within the Free-Zone area and utilize the services of a local service agent. Free-Zone companies benefit from full banking facilities including credit / ATM cards. Being considered as a UAE Resident company, they offer more credibility to the outside world and send a serious message about your presence in the region. It is important to note that these types of companies are more expensive to set up and maintain in comparison to offshore entities, starting at approx. 34,000 AED to set-up. The cost of renewal is dependent on license costs and office space leased.

Banking and Residency Options for UAE Free-Zone Companies

Free-Zone companies in UAE are entitled to open bank accounts with full facilities anywhere in the UAE and worldwide. As it is an "on-shore" entity, cheque books and debit/credit cards can be issued in the name of the company. For obtaining residency, the system in the UAE is probably one of the simplest and least expensive in the world. Here you simply incorporate a Free-zone Company, lease some space, starting from a desk (for one residency visa) and apply for a 3 year (renewable) residency visa. Thereafter you need only visit the UAE for a minimum of 24 hours once every six months. Alpha Management Limited can handle the entire process, including the company incorporation, office lease, visa application, and opening bank accounts. The costs vary depending on which Free-zone we select based on client preferences, and start at approx. Dhs 34,000 for the company and Dhs 7,000 per visa. It is usual for the client to sponsor their family once the main investor residency visa is issued.

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