Accounting Support Services

Accounting Support Services

We offer clients a full accounting support service that includes preparing and maintaining accounting records, preparation of management reports and financial statements and compilation of the financial records for annual audit purposes. When required, we also prepare a full audit file so that the audit fee may be reduced appropriately.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Most clients are good at managing their business and dealing with critical issues such as business development, marketing, client servicing, strategy and encouraging company growth; quite often operational matters such as accounting take up an inordinate amount of time that could be spent more productively on the business. Many of the most successful businesses out-source the majority of non-critical functions such as accounting, HR, payroll, and property maintenance to concentrate on the core-income producing tasks. Some of the benefits of out-sourcing accounting responsibilities can include a higher cost efficiency, confidentiality, better use of management resources, reduced cost of permanent accounting staff and a reduction in payroll cost. The accounting services provided by Alpha Management include:

Every client agreement is different and is prepared to specifically meet individual requirements. We can tailor the extent of our support services depending on what is required. Please contact us for more details or quotations.

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